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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not included here, please leave us a message in the contact form below and we will take care of your questions as soon as possible.

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What's the minimum age to join a group?

The minimum age is 5. With junger children there is a possibility with private lessons, depending on the child.

On which days and times does group lessons take place?

It takes place every week from Sunday until Thursday. 4 hours daily from 10-12 and from 1-3 pm

Where and when do the  group lessons start?

Group lessons starts daily (apart from Friday and Saturday) at 10. In Auffach at the meeting point just next to the top station of the Schatzberg gondola. In Oberau at the meeting point in the center of Oberau just next to Hotel Tirolerhof.

Is there a race for the children at the end of the week?

Yes, every Thursday there is the big children's race in Auffach. Every child gets a medal as a souvenir.

If we don't have lessons until Thursday is it possible to join the race anyway?

Yes of course it is possible. Every child who had lessons for at least 1 day is allowed to join the race.

How does lunchtime supervision work?

You can buy a ticket (12 Euro per day per child) in the office. You give your ticket to your instructor. He or she will look after the child during lunch time, and the children get a meal and drinks.

Which group lessons are offered in Oberau?

In Oberau we are offering 3-days-courses (Sunday until Tuesday) for beginners. After the 3 days the participants can join a group in Auffach, as there is a bigger variety of slopes in Auffach.

What is the maximum group size?

The maximum is 12 people (or children) in one group.

What happens if a group has fewer than 5 people?

Then the ski school reserves the right to shorten the lesson time from 4 hours to 2 hours or to combine 2 groups.

When is it possible to have private lessons?

It is possible every day from 9 to 4 on request.

Is it necessary to book private lessons in advance?

Yes, you should book your private lessons at least 24 hours in advance so that you will definitely get an instructor.

Can I book private lesson online?

Yes of course! Please let us know your exact request and we will make an offer that you just have to confirm.

What is important when I prepare for ski lessons?

Clothing (weather resistant, gloves, long ski socks). Wear a helmet, put sun screen on and wear glasses/ski goggles. You should drink a lot of non-alcoholic beverages!!

How can I book ski lessons?

You can book group lessons directly under "Online booking". For induviduele inquiries or special requests please send an email using the contact form below to this page, we will make you a specific offer that you can then confirm.
There is also the possibility to book on site in one of our offices, however courses can also be booked out, especially in the high season (holiday periods).

Is the lift pass included in the ski school price?

No it is not. All skiers, older than 6 have to have a lift pass. Children younger than 6 don't need a lift pass.

Can I take a day off when I booked group lessons for more days?

No, the group lessons has to be taken all consecutively, e. g. a 4 days course has to be taken 4 days in a row from Sunday until Wednesday.

What happens when I get sick or when I get injured?

We need a medical statement from the doctor and then you get the money back. For example if you booked a 5 days course and you get sick or injured after 3 days you will get the money back for the last 2 days.

Is the equipment included in the ski school price?

No it is not included. If you need equipment too just let us know the details and we can offer a special package price.

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